Easy Fitness Tips For Quick Results

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We all want to get the killer bod that we fantasize about. Well that takes perseverance. BUT…. It does not mean it’s a military style workout that’s needed. We just need to pick a workout routine that works for us and be dedicated to it.

The dedication comes from the reason that we are doing this exercise routine. It can be because we want to get that killer bod, lose those last 10 pounds, be able to walk around the block with our kids without having to stop every 5 minutes, really anything that motivates you.

So let’s get to it!

Note: Do not forget your warmup routines to get the muscles loose and blood flowing.

  1. Good Form And Stance

Choose a weight that you can lift about 8 times with good form. When performing any exercise, use good foot work, where your feet are spaced to provide you excellent stability. Its preferred to use free weights for most the exercises you do as they allow your body to deal with balancing your self while lifting the weight. Your core and lower back gets engaged and is a bonus you may not know you are getting.


  1. Repetition Is Important – Kind Of

When working out always use the same exercises for only a month or so and then change them up to tackle the same muscle groups. Our muscles get use to the same routines and will eventually stop reacting to the same exercise over and over. If you like the exercises, you can change the weight amount, the repetitions from week to week.


  1. How Much Ya Bench?

Ok, no one cares about the amount of weight someone lifts if they are doing it wrong and get no benefit from it because their form is wrong, or they think they need to lift 3 or 4 reps. Most workout routines vary from 10 – 20 reps depending on the weight you choose (with good form). For immediate results, the routines must be using the proper weight, the proper reps and proper technique. This is one are where most people fail or give up. It also would not hurt to invest in a personal trainer for a few sessions to ensure you are doing your routines correctly.


  1. Pullup To the Bar

One of the best and easy to perform exercises for immediate results. It uses your body weight for this one which means its all you, no excuses. See if you can do 2 or 3 to start. The goal is to get to 8 - 10 with good form. Most gyms have a step to use to get up to the pull up rack. If you are having trouble using now, use a squat rack or Smith machine. Lower the bar to about 3 feet from the floor, lie under the bar, think inverted plank and pull yourself up to the bar. After a few weeks of these, you can transition to the pullup rack. Either way do not discourage yourself from this exercise, its one of the best for an overall workout.


  1. Cardio Your Routine

Yes cardio is important, no matter your body shape or fitness level. Cardio gets the heart rate up, gets us sweating and that is one important way to burn fat and to tone. Walking leisurely for a mile wont burn many calories and get you to where you want to be. You need to sweat and get your lungs and heart working harder than a stroll will give them. When you have a routine that has a good mix of cardio and weight exercises, you are further along than most people. And you’ll get to your goal quicker. A good example would be to have a circuit set of cardio and strength exercises – squats, then pushups then jumping jacks for example. Bundle them in a group of 3 and do each for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest for 3 or 4 reps. Choose the exercises that you like to do but don’t give up. No one expects you to do 3 or 4 sets right off the bat. Work up to it.


  1. Eat! Well The Good Stuff

That means no refined carbs or corn syrup products of any kind. Fat enjoys those things. Have a good meal plan that is low of refined anything and stick to natural foods as much as possible. Keep the proteins up, and you don’t have to starve either. Just 3 sensible portioned sized meals and 2 snacks per day. Include your min of 1L of water a day as well as it helps keeps you hydrated and things flowing well. Consider an occasional detox of tea or juice as well. These can easily replace a meal for a week and help keep you getting all the nutrients you need without feeling weighed down. You can still have the occasional coffee or sangria, just limit them.


Best of luck!

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