Anal Sex - 101

One of the mysteries of sexual play is the anus, butt, booty, bum, back-of-the-front. We don’t know enough about this area. And when we don’t know about something, we tend to fear it or disregard it.

Well I’m here to tell you that there is nothing to fear about anal sex. There are things you need to know and educate yourself about, but the risk of anal play is very low if you are gentle and respectful.

First off, the anus is not a vagina. Don’t stick something in it and pound away. Unless you’re an experienced porn star with years of anal sex behind you (no pun intended), then don’t treat it like a pussy.

The anus does not self lubricate like a vagina does. So you have to support it with lube. Lots of lube. And more lube. The idea here is you have to be comfortable to have anal play. Comfortable with your self and your partner. The key is to relax. Always. The more you are relaxed, the more you’ll enjoy it. And there’s lots to enjoy!

The anus has nerve endings that can produce a pleasurable experience. Being able to stimulate those nerves with a finger or toy can be exhilarating! When using a toy it can put pressure on the back of the vaginal wall which brings a thrilling experience when done correctly.

Anal toys like but plugs, anal beads or anal vibrators all have there place for producing a new experience when added to vaginal toys as well. When you orgasm, you clench your anus muscles which when having a toy in in brings it all to a whole new level of pleasure.

Here are some tips for safe, fun and pleasurable anal play.

  1. Clean and prep. I think this one is a no-brainer. Clean yourself up properly with soap and water before play time. Wipes are also a good quick way to prep.

  1. Pay attention to your diet that day. If you are not feeling well or had a meal that isn’t sitting well, don’t attempt anal play.

  1. Get comfortable, set the mood, music, candles, fluffy blankets. What ever sets the mood for you. This requires delicacy and patience and comfort. Because of all the lube, you may want to put a towel down on the bed to start.

  1. Start with a finger in your anal area. Add a dab of lub and play with your butt. Get comfortable with it. If this is all you want to venture on the first try, that’s ok!

  1. Try inserting one finger to try out the feeling. You may notice an exciting sexual response to it.

  1. Try using a toy. Start small. Trust us. There are aisles full of toys for anal play. One that is the traditional one is the butt plug. We have a few on our site. They are designed and sculpted in a variety of forms. The basic one that has a small tip and gradually gets wider at the base is an easy way to slip one inside of yourself without feeling scared that it might hurt you. Don’t forget, RELAX and LUBE!

  1. Buy products that feature food safe grade materials.

  1. Butt plugs can be used not only to pleasure yourself but can be used to prepare for anal sex as it loosens up the anus for sex. Remember to lather the toy and anus in lube.

  1. Some anal toys are meant to wear for hours. Anal beads can be made to wear while you’re out on a night on the town. Remember its your pleasure.

  1. While using a plug, try masturbating and bring yourself to orgasm. You’ll thank us!

  1. When inserting a toy or penis, either doggstyle position or on your back tends to work best. Just breathe, relax and gently with some light force slowly push the toy in. There will be a little pressure for your anus to keep it out, but with lube and some gentle relaxed force, it will slide right in.

  1. Clean up. Anal play is usually reserved as a stand alone activity as bacteria can spread around if you are not careful. Wash hands, toys and body parts that came into contact with the anus. Toys need to be washed with soap and water or placed in the dishwasher.

Will all these steps you should be good to go with fun anal play!

Experiment and have fun, that’s what sex with yourself or partner is all about.

Try us out for fun toys!

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