Importance Of Body Exploration

We all know the social attitude of the taboos of women exploring their bodies. "Good girls don't do that", "That's only saved for marriage", "Shhh, don't tell anyone that you do that", etc.

But things are changing in the world. There is more acceptance of women exploring their sexuality. It's not frowned upon anymore, in fact, it's more relevant than ever before.

During these self-isolation times, mental health is most important. That applies to the endorphins that are release during sex, more specifically when having orgasms. Our bodies are meant to orgasm, it's only society that has told us that it is unacceptable. It's not.

More women are speaking up on the health importance to masturbate and experience orgasms. Even if our partner isn't able to give us one, we need to take out time to explore our bodies on what pleasures us. That means exploring more than just our vaginas. Nipples, anus are also hot pleasure zones that can be stimulated using our fingers or toys.

Why Shouldn't We Enjoy Ourselves?

Exploring your body is not just thrilling and relaxing, its health conscious as well. We all need to feel good, happy and sexy. If we do not have a partner to make love to, then we have our selves to help with that. Being alone doesn't mean we don't have sexual fun.

We have plenty of toys and techniques to please ourselves, and we should use them. Do not forget about fantasizing as it is also a great tool to use to experience joy. Our mind is a powerful tool.

Benefits Of Masturbation And Orgasms

  • help you relax
  • release sexual tension
  • reduce stress
  • boost your mood and confidence
  • improve sleep
  • help you have better sex
  • help you feel greater pleasure
  • give you a better understanding of what you need and want in a physical relationship
  • relieve cramps

All of these things are incredible benefits that we can all use daily, and why not? We're breaking the stigma of masturbation, and good for us. There are many social groups, sexuality coaches, blogs (like us) that are all promoting publicly the importance of the mental health importance of sexual exploration.

Important Tips To Remember

  1. It's about you. Make time for play-time. Its just as important as making time to workout. You have to understand it's important. You don't set a reminder for yourself, just do it when it feels right. Most women use the time they are already in bed, before going to sleep or just after waking up. But anywhere you feel the mood. Just don't rush! It has to be time when you have a chance to explore slowly.
  2. Set The Mood. Music, candles, bubbles. What ever floats your boat to make you feel relaxed and positive.
  3. Imagination. Watching porn, reading literotica can help you get in the mood. Many many women use these medias, so don’t feel awkward if you want to use them as well. Its all about exploring your limits and what works for you. You don’t know until you try.
  4. Enjoy Your Birthday Suit. Feel good about your body. Focus on the areas that you love the most. You are beautiful. Once you feel comfortable with your body, you’ll relax more and that will allow you to enjoy more.
  5. Toys For Women. Explore your body, curves, soft areas, etc. Discover where you are sensitive and where you are pleasurable. Sometimes fingers are not enough, so toys can help too! They can get into areas your fingers can’t and can also present a different touch to your skin. We have affordable sex toys that you can try and see how they excite you. New subscribers get 50% off. So there’s no reason not to try one.

  6. To Orgasm Or Not To Orgasm. Pleasure doesn’t mean you have to reach climax. Why that is pleasurable, don’t focus on reaching it as the end result. Enjoy exploring and stimulating your senses.

Enjoy the experience! There is no right or wrong way to pleasure yourself. Everyone is different in what excites us. All you need to do is try.

Much fun & love!

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